Hair Extension Frequently Asked Questions:

How High In Quality Are Your Hair Extensions?

Eyes On Your Beauty™ hair extensions are all made from the highest quality hair available in the world – they are 100 percent human remy hair imported from Europe. Remy hair retains the cuticle layer of the hair, which ensures the hair flows naturally, with all strands in the same direction, and that it stays soft, smooth, and tangle-free longer than other hair types.

Will Eyes On You Beauty™ hair extensions damage hair?
If our hair extensions are applied professionally, they will not cause any damage. It is strongly recommend that our extensions are applied by a professional who has been trained and certified in proper application technique and care.
Can I perm my Eyes On You Beauty™ hair extensions?
It is not recommended that you perm your hair extensions. Although our extensions are made of the best quality human hair, they do not get the same nutrients that real, growing hair would, so the perm chemicals may not react as expected.
What is your return policy?
Due to the level of customization we provide and the standards for sale of natural human hair products, our hair extensions are a final sale.
How are Eyes On You Beauty™ hair extensions applied?
We offer several types of hair extensions, each with different methods of application. Keratin bond extensions are applied using pre-tipped keratin bonds of the perfect size, with application time running about one to two hours per bundle. Tape-in extensions can be applied quickly, with a full head application taking around 30 minutes. I-tip extensions are applied without chemicals, glues, or heat, with application time running one to two hours. Halo extensions are designed for the ultimate convenience and can be put on in seconds. Eyes On You Beauty™ provides training and certification in all types of hair extensions – contact us for more information.
Can I color my Eyes On You Beauty™ hair extensions?
It is not recommended – if you choose to do so, it should be at your own risk. They should certainly never be used with developer over 10 volume, and under no circumstances should bleach or lighteners be used.

Lash Extension Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between classic and volume lashes?
Classic lashes are applied by adhering one extension to each lash, creating a more natural look. Volume lashes are applied by adhering three to four extensions of smaller diameter to each lash, which creates a more dramatic appearance.
How long do eyelash extensions take to apply?
A full set of lashes take about two hours to apply; however, this varies from person to person, as everyone’s lashes are different.
How often should lash extensions be touched up?
Lash extensions will need touching up as the natural lashes shed after a full growth cycle. Eyelash growth cycles vary from person to person, but are typically every six to eight weeks. Because everyone’s hair growth is different, we recommend touch ups every three to four weeks to ensure the lashes keep their full appearance.
Do lash extensions ever fall out?
Lash extensions will shed out with the natural lashes, as eyelashes will naturally fall out at the end of their growth cycle.
Do lash extensions cause damage to natural lashes?
Eyes On You Beauty™ lash extensions will not damage natural lashes when they are applied by trained and certified professionals. It is crucial that lash extensions be applied only by licensed professionals.

Eyes On You Beauty™ Pro Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the benefits of creating an Eyes On You Beauty™ pro account?
By creating a pro account, you will have access to exclusive deals and savings. Plus, you’ll always be the first to hear about new trends and product offerings.
How do I create an Eyes On You Beauty™ pro account?
Just click here to get started! You must be a licensed professional to create a pro account.
Do I have to be a professional to shop on this site?
No, anyone is welcome to shop here, but it is recommended that only trained and certified professionals apply our products.
How can I get trained and certified to use Eyes On You Beauty™ products?
We offer training and certification for all of our products. You can start your training online today right from our online education portal! For any questions please contact us, and we’ll send all the information you need to become a certified professional.
What if the product I need is on back order?
Please check back soon! We regularly stock our products, so it should be back in stock soon.